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Your tennis drills portal. Whether you’re looking for exercises to practice with your hitting partner or if you’re a tennis coach and are looking for drill ideas to use in your classes, you can find it here. Si-tennis is slowly growing its tennis drill database.

This is a very young project with a huge potential,. If you like the drills and want to be informed whenever a new drill is posted, feel free to sign up to our newsletter. 



Tennis Mind, founded and directed by Vicente Cuairán, is specialized in mental training strength which nowadays are becoming more interested in studying and finding tools and techniques that all ow players to manage one of the most important areas when developing peak performance: the mental part.

Tennis Mind gives you the opportunity to make the first course in the world that certifies you as Assistant Mental Coach. You’re not going to find another like it! This is the only course that exists that will specifically prepare for work and train the mental part of your players. 

And the course of Assistant Mental Coach who is headed to ?:

  • Tennis coaches.
  • Professionals of Physical activity and sport.
  • Physical trainers related to the world of tennis.
  • Tennis Referees interested in learning about the psychology of the player and how to manage situations.
  • Executives and managers of sports facilities.
  • Fathers and mothers interested in deepening the knowledge and behavior of their children as players.
  • And in general anyone who is interested in learning how to work the mental attitude of an athlete and especially of a tennis player.
  • If you are in any of the groups means that our course of Assistant Mental Coach is for you and you can continue reading.

As a user of Master Class Tennis you will get a 10% discount for the course of Ass it ant Mental Coach.



As a tennis coach or tennis player you will need go to the court with a good looking and showing how professional you are.
Tennis Warehouse is the best online tennis shop that a tennis player or coach can find.

You can find all the material that a tennis coach of player may need to show professional is on the court as tennis rackets, shoes , tennis apparel, strings, grips and all that you may need. 

As a user of Master Class Tennis you will enjoy a 10% discount in Tennis Warehouse Europe, because we want to give the best to our tennis community.



MVP SPORT is an Spanish non-profit association, founded in Alicante in 2014 and with presence through out all the sports community. As a vision MVP SPORT has the wish to create a society and a world where every person grow, learn, develop their full potential and be happy practicing sport.

The mission of MVP SPORT to promote a new model of sports education , involving children and youth , coaches and families in order to promote the development of positive values (respect, effort, responsibility and empathy ) through sports . 

As a user of Master Class Tennis, you will enjoy the articles and news that MVP provides to our tennis community to be a better coach,father or player.



Industria del tenis is the top tennis website of news and articles that exist in Spain.

As a member of MASTER CLASS TENNIS you will get for free all the articles from Industrial del Tenis, fully translate into English. Being able to stay update in the latest news, methodologies or advices from the best coaches and tennis professionals of Spain.