MCT Events About

MCT Events About


Master Class Tennis is not just a tennis community where the people can meet with each other and play matches, share knowledge , find a tennis job or learn from the best professionals in the tennis world.

MCT Events, is one of the most important things of our project “ TENNIS FOR EVERYONE “

As you know as a tennis coach, player or fan of this beautiful sport, tennis is not the first option for a parent to send his children to practice the sport, for example due to economical reasons ( tennis is not a cheap sport), or many people think is too difficult to learn how to play and then they decide for another sport not so complicated.

TENNIS FOR EVERYONE is our main goal, provide the chance to every kid or person that want have the opportunity top play tennis, no matter where you are or your financial reasons, we will try our best to organize events and “teaching days” to give you that change. Because tennis must be a sport that everyone should enjoy!

Come and help us! Don’t hesitate to take part of this beautiful project and make this world a place where everyone can enjoy this beautiful sport.